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Crown Royal Pristine 7200E

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For the Pristine Gasification Series outdoor wood furnaces to achieve a 99% combustion efficiency we had to take a new approach to air flow. Instead of “pushing” the air from the top, we decided to “pull” the air from the bottom, creating a Negative Pressure Gasification System.

When the outdoor wood furnace is completely sealed, the air is “pulled” downward, forcing all gasses from the Firebox through the ash bed into the Secondary Combustion Chamber. This makes the system virtually smokeless, with lower exhaust temperatures at the chimney, and allows wood placement to be more forgiving.


Technical Information

Weight 1750 lbs
Width x Length x Height 46" x 69" x 86"
Firebox Length 28"
Chimney Size 6"
Door Size 18" x 18"
Supply Size (1) 1-1/4"
Return Size (1) 1-1/4"
Water Capacity 190 gallons
Turbo Fan 3,000 rpm
Approximate Sq. Ft. 2,000 to 3,000
BTU Output 125,000 BTU/hr
Insulation Roof/Walls R30
409 Stainless Steel YES
EPA Certified YES
Firebox Door
Secondary Combustion Chamber Doors
Primary Burn Chamber & Air Panels
Gasification Manifold
Heat Exchanger Tubes & Heat Exchanger Cleaners
Insulated Heat Exchanger Doors
Stainless Steel Flue
Rear Access Swing Door