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Crown Royal Multi Pass 7500MP

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Assisting in ensuring each burn cycle is cleaner and more efficient, the Turbo Draft System introduces fresh air above the flame, forcing secondary gases downward to be burned before making their way into the triple pass heat exchanger. When secondary gases are ignited temperatures of the fire drastically increase making the burn more efficient, simultaneously increasing heat recovery, all while lowering the possibility of creosote buildup from gases that escape up the chimney.


Technical Information

Weight 5000 lbs
Width x Length x Height 89" x 99" x 110"
Firebox Length 60"
Chimney Size 10"
Door Size 42" x 32"
Supply Size (4) 1-1/4"
Return Size (4) 1-1/4"
Water Capacity 600 gallons
Fan Capacity 300 CFM
Turbo Fan 60 CFM
Approximate Sq. Ft. 18,000 to 20,000
BTU Output 750,000 BTU/hr
Insulation Roof/Walls R30
409 Stainless Steel YES
Firebox Door
Ash Pan
Ash Pan Door
Heat Exchanger Cleanout Door
Cast Iron Grates
Turbo Draft System & Blower
Triple Pass Water Filled Heat Exchanger
Primary Combustion Air Blower
Stainless Steel Flue